Community Development

Sustainable Community Development

Establishing mutually, restorative relationships between businesses, organizations, communities, and our environment.

Unifying our vision to co-create sustainable local-global communities!
§    Leadership Development
§    Green Stewardship and Community Revitalization

Our research-based, ecoretreat training programs and online development resources are tailored to effectively support diverse people, organizations, and businesses interested in unifying to co-create sustainable local/global communities. Several experiential retreat options are provided to help you develop your eco-based vision/mission; clarify strengths and needs; and provide practical planning, strategy, and tools with ongoing assistance for reducing our collective carbon footprint and general over-consumption. Increase your altruistic presence in the community and contribution to the restoration of the planet.

These retreat intensives provide a unique immersion experience with focused depth training in beautiful, rustic or luxurious, green-sustainable settings (US/international locations available).