Health & Wellbeing

Living Sanctuary
Whole Life Health and Wellbeing Program

Facilitating health, healing, and consciousness development for personal/local-global community wholeness and sustainable evolution in relationship with each other and the Earth.”

Living Sanctuary  is a supportive network of resources (online/phone and onsite) for effectively resolving emotional-mental or life difficulties, improving health and wellbeing; and for personal, family, and community development.

Focused development includes 7 fundamental aspects of health and wellbeing: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, relational, creativity, and purpose/life meaning. These sessions help to facilitate personal and family/transgenerational healing with the discovery of new insights/awareness to effectively navigate life challenges and lead a fulfilling life of truth and vibrant self-expression.

  • Personal Sessions (Individual, Couples, and Family)
  • Group Sessions
  • Wellness Program
  • Immersion Retreats
  • Restorative Services

A nurturing, balanced relationship with our internal (mind-body/soul) and external (community and natural-built) environment facilitates vitality; resiliency; and emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. From a state of balance/wholeness, we can design sustainable lives in which our thoughts, behaviors, social interactions, and relationships conserve, restore, and maximize our personal, community, and planetary resources. 

Consultations are tailored to your schedule and are available by telephone or online (Skype) with email support. Contact (814) 303-2784 to receive a free consultation!