I am an ecology-oriented transpersonal psychologist, researcher, educator, and artist-designer as well as a yogi. I am also the founder of the Earth Mother CouncilNature Studies Conservatory, and the Culture of Sustainability (COS) Outreach. Diversified education/training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, the healing arts, and yoga with numerous other certifications are foundational in all aspects of my personal and professional life. It is my vision and mission to improve the quality of life; optimize health; assist in local-global community restoration; and build environmental reciprocal relationship for the Earth’s renewal.

My work is centered in contributing to local and global sustainable culture. I developed the Sustainable Life Design (SLD)  model as a form of ecosystem engineering to help preserve the Earth’s biosphere/biodiversity and to balance the internal and external aspects of our environment. The efficiency of our internal lives corresponds to the efficiency of our relationships (social, business, family, intimate partnerships, Earth/nature) and our creations (mind-body wellbeing, work-life balance, community, structural environment). We have the ability to create a sustainable culture and structural environment that maximizes efficiency and conservation of resources.

Visit the COS Outreach to learn about our work with individuals, organizations, businesses, and the community as well as additional resources (online seminars, courses, and certificate programs; study abroad immersion studies, trainings, and retreats; and more).